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Jubilee of Nairobi Scholasticate:

The celebrations took place on Saturday, 16th November, 2013 in the Scholasticate with great participation of confreres and friends. The day was marked also by the ordination to Diaconate of Sc. James Iriga, who had previously taken his perpetual vows on 12th October. The PC wished Deacon James all the best in his missionary life and many blessings in his new assignment.

Perpetual vows of  Sch. Moises Albarina at Kacheliba Mission

On Sunday 14th July, Sch. Moisés Albarina dedicated him whole life with Perpetual Vows of chastity, poverty and obedience in the Comboni Missionaries. The celebration took place in Kacheliba Mission, Pökot, Diocese of Kitale.

The celebration was presided over by Fr. Filipe Resende, local superior. The celebration was well animated by the choir of Kacheliba parish as well as the many Christians of Kacheliba who filled up the church to its full capacity. A great number of students participated actively in the animation of the celebration. Sch. Moisés himself, one week before, has conducted a Vocational Talk with some of the secondary students of Kacheliba, motivating them and explaining them the meaning of religious missionary consecration.

During the celebration, the presider referred to the meaning of the vows being taken by Moisés Albarina, challenging the youth present to let themselves be touched too by God who might be calling them.

Sch. Moisés Albarina is a member of the Kacheliba Community for his missionary service since June 2012. He has been much appreciated by the youth and Christians for his always joyful presence and enjoyable character with all.

Sch. Moisés will be receiving Deaconate on 27th July again in Kacheliba Mission from the hands of the Bishop of Kitale, His Lordship Rev. Maurice Crowley.

We thank the Lord for the gift of vocations in our Congregation.