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Location: Marsabit gives the name to the district and the diocese. Marsabit town is the headquarters of Marsabit Diocese and Marsabit district. Marsabit is situated in the North-Eastern Province in Kenya. It is about 550 kilometres from Nairobi the capital of Kenya. It is a semi-arid area.

People: Marsabit is inhabited by many ethnic groups: Borana, Gabra, Burgi, Rendille, Waata, Turkana as the major ethnic groups. Other ethnic groups from down Kenya are also present as minority groups- Meru, Kikuyu, luo, luhya to mention but a few. The people of Marsabit are Nomadic pastoralists.

Community: The members of the Mccj community of Marsabit are: Fr. Alexandre Ferreira, Fr. Santiago Jimenez, Fr. Jovercino S, Fr. Agostino Zanotto, Fr. Munguia Granados Francisco and Fr. John Kofi Tasiame.

Responsibilities: The community has three assignments: Our Lady of Consolata Parish, The Office of the Vicar General and the Pastoral Office
Our lady of Consolata Parish was handed over to the Comboni Missionaries 1998 by the Fidei Donum of Abba, who are the founders of Marsabit Parish. It has as out station: Manyatta Jillo, Goru Rukhesa, Golole, Did adi, Milima Mitatu, Bubisa, Dub Goba, Songa, Leyai and Hulahula.
Apart from the normal Pastoral care, worth mentioning are the various projects like: Nursery Schools, Fr. John Astegianno Memorial Primary School, Secondary school students sponsorship, Youth Programme, Shelter programme (helping poor family to build a house) and Dispensaries. Programmes and activities of the Parish are geared towards the Creation and promotion of self reliance spirit.

Under the Pastoral Office falls the Pastoral coordinator, the Vocation Director and the Youth Coordinator. The job description of the Pastoral coordinator indicates:

1. Pastoral care of priests, brothers and sisters in the diocese through personal contacts, support to their various activities and the organisation of their on-going formation
2. Pastoral care of the catechists
3. Special attention to women in the diocese
4. Training and on-going formation of local leaders: Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Pastoral Team etc
5. Other groups like choir masters, Christian couples, etc.
6. Communications - publication of the Diocesan Newsletter, Youth and altar servers’ newsletters, production of radio tapes in the local languages
7. Translation of biblical and liturgical texts into local languages
8. Production of Handouts and booklets concerning the many pastoral activities in the diocese
9. Organisation of Diocesan celebrations: Ordinations, anniversaries…
10. Organising and coordinating seminars and workshops on the annual pastoral theme of the parishes and at diocesan level.

Vocation Director: Recruitment and organisation of Orientation Courses for boys who want to join the minor seminary and spiritual direction to the minor seminarians.
Youth Coordinator: Overseeing the formation and strengthening of Youth groups in the Diocese. He also maintains the link between the Diocese and the National Office of Youth programmes.