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 Secretariat of First Formation and Vocation Promotion

 - It studies specific problems concerning first formation and vocation promotion and proposes solutions so that the Provincial and his council can take adequate decisions.

 - It examines the pre-postulants’ reports presented by the vocation promoter at the end of their experience and assess the pre-postulants’ aptitude to join the postulancy

 - It proposes possible candidates to the role of formator in the postulancy to the Provincial and the council

 - It proposes courses of preparation and re-qualifications for the formators of the postulancy

 - The secretariat looks for ways to collaborate with the secretariat of formation of the Comboni sisters. A Comboni sister is welcomed to attend the meetings of the secretariat unless special, confidential issues are to be discussed.

Vocation Promotion & Youth Ministry

Vocation animation and youth Ministry are part and parcel of our evangelizing presence in any given place as Comboni Missionaries. These are the main objectives in Vocation/youth ministry:
a) To create an awareness of missionary nature among the young people at various levels: in schools, parishes, youth groups and in other learning institutions. This is done through school visitations, Seminars, workshops and in various Liturgies (e.g. Youth Mass)
b) To present the Comboni Missionaries (the Founder, their work/charism and who they are) to the young people, as a family which some of them could identify with.
c) To provoke commitment among the youth who are in search of individual vocations.
d) To follow and to scrutinize young men who show interest in joining the Comboni Missionaries, by helping them discern their vocations
e) To provoke a pro-active faith participation of the youth in the mission of the Church today.

What is required to join the Comboni family to help you to take on a specific mission in the Church and in the world

  • To be a committed young Catholic person between 18 – 23 years of age
  • To have a sincere desire to announce the message of Christ
  • To have completed secondary education with good results.
For more information contact:
The Vocations Director
Comboni Missionaries
P.O. Box 25609
00603 Nairobi.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Vocations Directress
Comboni Missionary Sisters
P.O. Box 64491
00619 Nairobi.