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Secretariat of Mission Animation

 - It helps those in charge of this sector to raise the missionary consciousness and responsibility of the local church through formation, information and prophetic denunciation.


 - It proposes viable suggestions for mission animation in our zones and communities.


 - To update our provincial website is the responsibility of the secretariat through the Missionary Animation team


 - As Mission Animation includes New People Media Centre and the provincial commitment of Mission Animation, representatives of both have to be present at the secretariat.


 - One of our teachers in Tangaza is part of the Secretariat. He is chosen by the Provincial superior


 - The Secretariat helps to find ways to collaborate with the same Secretariat of the Comboni Sisters.


 - The head of the secreariat its a member of the Mission Animation team.

It is very encouraging to note how the Universal Church is Picking up interest in the Young Churches especially from Africa and Latin America . This interest however ought to be supported and programmed if at all it is to bear enough fruits . The local church has to be planned for on two fronts . one is the aspect of Evangelization, and Missionary formation, the other is Development . The two are complementary because non can flourish in isolation.
The Comboni Missionaries, desiring to contribute to the already existing missionary zeal in the young Church, agreed on the need to start Mission Animation in Kenya in 1998 during Provincial Assembly. A number of inspiring ideas and a working formula were presented and eventually a secretariat was initiated. This dream of the Kenyan Province become reality and has contributed to the growth of the local Church, who is more and more involved in mission activities. Today Kenya can boast of 567 Kenyan Missionaries working in 56 countries worldwide. Out of the 567 Kenyan Missionaries spreading over the globe, 26 are in the Comboni Family. The Mission Promotion has become a reality in the Kenyan Church so much so that every Sunday one can hear voices of missionaries urging the laity to stand up and evangelize. For this we thank all those who have worked in this field, with a heart open to the Holy Spirit.


Aim of Mission Animation:
Mission Aromotion aims first and foremost at the creation and maintenance of the Missionary Awareness in the local Church to provoke a sustained Missionary Mentality and Activity. It aims at the awakening and shaping of the already existing missionary dimension in every baptised person as well as in the Church as a family of believers. In other words, activities of the Mission Promotion are geared towards connecting the individual believer as well as the local Church to the Universal Church, the big family of the Children of God. In a nutshell, the Mission Promotion highlights the need of missionary activities ad gentes, fosters missionary vocations both lay and religious and creates a spirit of religious solidarity.
With this in mind the catholic church in Kenya through the Comboni Missionaries has found it a priority to start mission Animation .This is being done in form of youth Seminars, workshops, retreats and mission Weeks