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Profile of Parish:

The Parish of Nakwamekwi, former out-station of St. Augustine's Cathedral, was officially established by Bishop Patrick Harrington on 25th February 2003 and entrusted to the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (MCCJ Missionari Comboniani Cordis Jesu).
Partly urban (outskirts of Lodwar town) and partly rural, it is bordering with St. Augustine's Cathedral to the North, with Losajait to the North-West, with Kanamkemer to the East and with Turkwell-Lorugumu to the South. This new Parish inherited 1718 baptised Christians from St. Augustine's and 113 from Turkwell-Lorugumu. Fr. Raphael Cefalo and Bro. Dario Laurengic were the first to serve at the Parish. When Bro. Dario (2004) went to Lokicar, Fr. Elia Ciapetti came to Nakwamekwi. Now (Sept. 2005) the Assumption Sisters from Nairobi have come to work in the Parish.

In the compound of the Mission we have:
1. a dispensary (St. Monica's Dispensary),
2. a Nursery School (St. Daniel Comboni Nursery School),
3. the centre for deaf children (St. Luke's home for the deaf) established and run by Mr. Ben Janssen.

We have 6 Catholic Sponsored Schools: Nakwamekwi, Loyoo, Nadapal (boarding), Nagis, Kaitese and Natapar Kakono.
We have 14 Nursery Schools (which are also chapels and out-stations): Nakwamekwi, Lokipetot, Naurienpuu, Nadapal, Nagis, Namoru, Kaitese, Tiya, Nangereny, Natapar Kakono, Nakutan, Lomwaragetei, Nakabaran and Kaloboi (Kopus).
We have only 2 Catechists preparing for Commissioning (John Chegem and Titus Ekeno), all the others (15 of them) are C.C.As. At the end of every month they all come to the Mission for 2 or 3 days for instruction, planning for the month ahead, going through the Sunday Readings etc. At least once a month we visit every out-station. The Catecumens they all come to the Mission at the beginning of Holy Week for the immediate preparation for Baptism during the Easter Vigil.

With some…pressure we have succeeded to have 39 Church Marriages in the past 2 years. Every Monday morning we have some "famine relief" food distribution to some of the most desperate people whose names have been submitted by the leaders of the Jumuiyas.
Every Monday we have Bible Study and Bible Sharing on the Readings of the following Sunday: Nadapal (8 a.m.), Kaitese (10 a.m.) and Nakwamekwi (4 p.m.) We give much importance to this initiative where the C.C.As., the leaders of the Jumuiyas and others are present. Jumuiyas are present and fairly active both in Nakwamekwi itself (7 of them) and in the out-stations.

Present also: Women's groups, youth groups, Justice and Peace, Choir, Teachers' Association, Men's Association, Liturgical group, Altar servers etc.. Coordinating all these groups and activities is the Parish Council. Fr. Elia has started on a large scale experimental gardens, using the simplest water pump ("money maker"). People are beginning to realise that even here in Turkana we can grow practically everything.
We have drilled 17 bore-holes all over the area of the Parish, but only 5 of them were successful. Deeply convinced that the Liturgy and the Word of God is the basis of any Evangelisation, we have published several liturgical books in Kiturkana:

1. Kiwapakinae
2. Daily Missal, Year 1
3. Daily Missal, Year 2
4. Advent and Christmas
5. Lent and Easter
6. Order of Mass
7. Proper of Saints
8. Deuterocanonical Books
9. Ngakilipasinei ka Erosar.

We stress the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In every out-station we have a small hut (akai na-kisisilet) used only for Confession with proper and appropriate stool. Even the Burial Service (in Nakwamekwi an average of 2 funerals per week) is appreciated and participated. We are trying to build this Local Church as much as possible "self-supporting, self-ministering and self-propagating". Fr. Raphael Cefalo mccj

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