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Comboni Missionaries are a society of Priests and Brothers founded in 1867 by St. Daniel Comboni, as an international missionary institute,

  • for the evangelization of peoples
  • bearing witness to the Gospel in dialogue and cooperation with other cultures and religions,
  • in deep respect for all human beings with preference to the poor and marginalized,
  • fostering their development in a more just, fair and equitable world.

Comboni Missionaries welcome young people ready to dedicate their lives to the service of the Gospel in every country the superiors may assign them


Comboni Missionaries dedicate themselves to the spreading of the Gospel and to foster human development in 40 countries worldwide. In Africa they are present in 16 countries.

In Kenya Comboni Missionaries collaborate with the Local Church

  • in first evangelization and pastoral care among the Pokot, Turkana,  Borana and Rendile pastoralists, and in urban and slum areas;
  • in the formation of leaders, lay ministers, priests and missionaries, and in mission animation and vocation promotion.
  • In mass media. Their New People Media Centre (NPMC), based in Nairobi, serves English speaking Africa with the production of the magazine “New People” and of radio programmes, with training courses for young people eager to work in the world of the media, and with the cooperation with other world news agencies.


At the beginning of the modern history of the evangelization of Africa, Kenya was part of the Apostolic Vicariate of Central Africa, entrusted by the Pope to Bishop S. Daniel  Comboni. Comboni Missionaries, however, entered Kenya for the work of evangelization only in 1972. Their first Mission was Tartar, subdivided into Kapenguria, Tartar and Kacheliba, among the West Pokot of the diocese of Kitale. Soon afterwards they accepted pastoral commitments in the dioceses of  Marsabit (Sololo and Moyale), of Nairobi (Kariobangi parish), of Ngong (Ongata Rongai parish, handed over to the Local Clergy in 2007) and of Lodwar. In the past they had various commitments also in the dioceses of , Eldoret, Machakos and Nakuru. Their presence in Nairobi has greatly increased with the three houses of formation (Postulancy, Brother Centre and Scholasticate), the mission animation community, New People Media Centre and teaching commitments in Tangaza College. 
They work in small groups, always in collaboration with local pastoral agents (priests, religious and lay people). 
Committed to first evangelization, they go to “difficult places” and, in the spirit of Comboni and following the directives of the local Bishops, they care for the formation of the local Christian communities, they build the basic structures of the parish and, after a suitable time, hand over the parish to the Local Clergy and move to new places.
(for further details see “A short history of the C.M. in Kenya)

They are in the dioceses of

KITALE (Amakuriat-Kacheliba- Kapenguria) 
LODWAR (Lokichar – Nakwamekwi) 
MARSABIT (Parish – Pastoral Office): 
NAIROBI (Provincial House – Kariobangi parish – Korogocho – CBC/CIF – Scholasticate – NPMC – Mission Promotion Centre – Tangaza and teaching ministry 
NGONG (Ongata Rongai Postulancy).