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St. Daniel Comboni, born in Italy in 1831, perceived that the time had come for Africa to take its place in the world and reclaim its right to freedom and development in the light of the Gospel.

His “plan for the regeneration of Africa” called for the involvement of the whole Church and the collaboration of all the Missionary Institutes, to bring Africa into the Christian world and the global community of peoples.

The target was the empowerment of the Africans to become they themselves the evangelizers and the agents of development of their own continent: save Africa with Africa.

Priority had to be given to the establishment of the local Church with the formation and training of the Africans as leaders, bishops and priests, technicians, engineers, teachers, medical doctors, scientists and university professors.

Fr. Daniel Comboni was nominated Pro-Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa in 1872 and Bishop in 1877. He died in Khartoum on 10th of October, 1881.

Pope John Paul II proclaimed him a “Saint” on 5th October 2003.



Biography of St. Daniel Comboni

15-03-1831 - Daniel Comboni is born at Limone sul Garda (Italy).
20-02-1843 - Enters Don Nicola Mazza's Institute founded to "assist and educate poor young boys".
06-01-1849 - Vows in the presence of Don Nicola Mazza to consecrate himself to the missions of Central Africa for the rest of his life.
31-12-1854 - Priestly ordination.
10-9-1857 - First journey of Daniel Comboni to Central Africa.
15-9-1864 - While praying near the tomb of St. Peter's, he conceives the "Plan for the Regeneration of Africa".
01-06-1867 - Founds in Verona the Institute for the Missions of Africa (Comboni Missionaries) in the framework of the Work of the Good Shepherd, an international missionary organisation.
24-06-1870 - Prepares a document to be presented to the Fathers of Vatican Council I: "Postulatum pro Nigris Africae Centralis".
01-01-1872 - Founds in Verona the Institute of the Pie Madri della Nigrizia (Comboni Missionary Sisters). In the same month of January he starts his missionary magazine: "Annals of the Good Shepherd".
26-05-1872 - Nominated Pro-vicar of Central Africa.
14-09-1873 - In El Obeid consecrates the Vicariate to the Sacred Heart.
08-12-1875 - In El Obeid consecrates the Vicariate to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.
12-08-1877 - Bishop's consecration of Daniel Comboni as Vicar of Central Africa.
12-05-1878 - Begins his first appeals to Europe on behalf of the Sudan suffering from a devastating famine.
08-11-1879 - Organises an international group of missionaries and sends them to Africa from Verona.
10-10-1881 - Dies at 10 p.m. in Khartoum, surrounded by his missionaries. In 1885 Comboni's tomb is desecrated by the Mahdists.
14-02-1928 - In Verona is introduced the diocesan cause of his beatification and canonisation.
06-01-1969 - Canonical recognition of a third Institute inspired by the spirituality of Comboni: the Comboni Secular Missionaries.
25.10.1970 - Miraculous cure of a Brazilian girl, Maria José Oliveira Paixão, attributed to the intercession of Daniel Comboni.
06-04-1995 - John Paul II signs the decree that officially recognises the miracle attributed to the intercession of Daniel Comboni.
17-03-1996 - Solemn Beatification of Daniel Comboni in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
11-04-2002 - The Medical Consulta of the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints recognises that the cure of the Muslim Lubna Abdel Aziz in Khartoum (Sudan) has been quick, simultaneous, complete and scientifically unexplainable.
05-10-2003 - Blessed Daniel Comboni is canonised by John Paul II in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.