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New People Media Centre 

The 1985 General Chapter of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (cf Chapter Acts 1985, n. 118) directed the General Administration to establish a Missionary Animation Centre in English speaking and French speaking Africa. The General Council, in two consecutive consultas of 1987 (March-April and August), made the decision to erect the Media Centre of Nairobi.

The New People Media Centre (NPMC) was erected by the Superior General with a Decree dated 21st December, 1987. Its primary purpose is the missionary animation of Christian Communities in English speaking Africa.

The NPMC was established as an inter-Provincial Institution of those Provinces in Africa which are English­ speaking, or where the use of English is fairly widespread: Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Khartoum, Malawi-Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Southern Sudan, and Uganda. In February 2007, the Province of Togo-Ghana-Benin was added to this group of Provinces. The Comboni Missionaries in Ghana print 7.000 copies of every issue of New People magazine. 

       The NPMC is an initiative inspired by the Comboni charism, which strives to awaken and increase missionary  awareness within the local churches through the means of social communication. This animation, besides being missionary, is also ecclesial, liberating, communitarian, Combonian and open to vocation promotion. To achieve this, the NPMC provides a service of coordination and collaboration in the editing and production of publications and audio-visual aids for English-speaking Africa (cf. NPMC charter, n. 1.1).

Mission awareness is not seen here only from the religious point of view. The publications of New People Media Centre tackle politics, economics, development issues, culture, and religion. In all these, the centre strives to offer a Christian interpretation and reflection.


NPMC productions and activities:

 NEW PEOPLE MAGAZINE:The first publication of the centre is New People, which appeared in July 1989 as a by-monthly magazine with the aim of “helping African Catholics to be informed about and open to the worldwide mission of the Church” (cf. first editorial).

Today, New People is printed in Kenya and Ghana, with a total circulation of 15,000 copies per issue. The magazine is distributed in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria. A few subscribers receive New People in Europe, North America, Australia and India. Each issue covers African countries and matters relevant to Africa.

NPMC also publishes an “African Family Calendar”.

     DOCUMENTATION CENTRE: Housed within the centre, it is made up of library, a magazine collection and a vast photographic archive. More than five thousand books, one hundred twenty magazines and bulletins, and more than sixty thousand pictures are stored and classified in the documentation centre.

     The library is open to the public and it is mostly used by university students.

     The documentation centre is important to support the work of the various editors and sub-editors working at the centre.

AFRICA RADIO SERVICE:  New People Africa Radio Service was started in 1998. It produces weekly radio programs that tackle African realities but also aim to give international outlook to listeners through the presentation of experiences and facts from outside Africa.
Africa Radio Service prepares also a variety of thematic audiotapes in English, French and Swahili.

NEW PEOPLE IMAGES: A video studio has been in operation since 2003. We are now able to produce video in a diversity of formats. New People Images produces awareness videos on Church activities.

MEDIA TRAINING: New People Media Centre offers short courses in journalism, radio journalism, radio editing, graphic design, web design, video editing, and photography. The centre also gives media students the opportunity to spend times at the centre in attachment. About twenty students spend with us between one and three months every year.

WEB SITE: NPMC has created a keeps up to date a web site, New People Online (www.newpeoplemedia.co.ke).

Collaboration with the various sectors:

- Our Comboni Mass Media are tools for missionary animation, vocation promotion and, also, evangelization.  They keep a close relationship with the missionaries working in the fields of Missionary animation, vocation promotion and evangelization.

-  The Vocation Director should be a full member of the editorial team and be responsible for the Vocation section of the magazine (Youth & Mission, 3 pages). The Mass Media Centre makes itself available to collaborate with those responsible for MA and Vocation Promotion for the production of materials (leaflets, calendars, radio programs, DVDs, etc) for their work.

-  The Mass Media incorporates collaborating writers from the field of evangelization (witnessing) and the MA.

-  On their side, the missionaries working in MA, Vocation promotion and Evangelization use the Mass Media productions in their work and help to spread them among the Christian communities.